Faithful Endings, Hopeful Beginnings Grief Support Group

We have read, heard, prayed and been comforted by Jesus' prayers for us in The Beatitudes. Faithful Endings, Hopeful Beginnings (FEHB) is WGPC's grief support group lead by Stephen Ministers, Nancy Knight and Debbie Miali. Both Nancy and Debbie are trained to facilitate support groups and to provide resources to help you understand the grief journey.

FEHB grief support is a group of people sharing the journey with each other. If you or someone you know is experiencing grief, we are here to walk along with you with care, confidentiality, respect and compassion.

FEHB is taking a pause for the remainder of the year and will resume sometime in 2024. Below are some resources in the St. Louis area for those seeking support and care while grieving during this pause.

Grief Support Resources

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.