Music Ministries

O come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.
Psalm 95:1

Music is one of the ways in which we joyfully praise and worship God. We have a rich and diverse tradition of choral and instrumental music that spans all age groups, from the children's music programs to the Chancel and bell choirs to guest artists. We invite you to find a place in our music program to share your talent and express your spirituality. For more information about our music programs, contact Shawn Portell.

Music in a Great Place

Under the leadership of Shawn Portell, Director of Music/Sr. Organist, this series began in 1996 to provide music that would enhance the worship experience beyond what we are able to provide as a congregation. Throughout its history it has attracted hundreds of musicians, actors, dancers and choirs not only from the St. Louis community, but also from across the United States, Asia and Africa. This series is partially funded by the Dysart Fund for the Musical Arts at WGPC. Contributions in support of the series are always welcome.

Fox Creek Band

Sunday, May 16th - 9:30am Worship Service
From Bluegrass to Beatles, to Southern Rock and Motown, there isn’t anything the Fox Creek band hasn’t played during the 20 years since the group’s inception.

Fox Creek started as a traditional bluegrass band, but the journey down those back roads took the band to new places and Steve O’Connell, a founding member of the group, just keeps taking new turns.

New band members have also come in. The latest configuration of Fox Creek includes O’Connell on guitar and vocals, long-time member Dan Horner on banjo, Joe Rapisardo on mandolin, harmonica and vocals, and Tracey Rapisardo on upright bass and vocals.

Each have their own unique roots in music, but they all come together to find the place where voices blend in harmony which is really the heart of bluegrass.

Pulled together and polished by Bill Monroe of the Kentucky Bluegrass Boys, American musical traditions weave themselves into a tapestry in bluegrass, from the string bands of Irish, Scottish and English immigrants, the rhythms and banjos of black slaves, the dark, tragic stories of coalminers, the hard scrabble life of mountain farmers, and the thread of the gospel that gave them all hope.

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.