Voting Information

"Hate evil. Love good. Establish justice."
Amos 5:15

In this election year we have the privilege and responsibility to vote in August and November. We encourage all to be sure you, your loved ones and friends are registered to vote. We may have differing opinions (God alone is Lord of the Conscience...) and as such we may vote differently, but as the children of God who are fellow Presbyterians, we are united in sharing the duty to exercise the important responsibility of voting.

Let us be thankful to God for our freedom and let us take steps to work toward justice and the common good Jesus Christ calls us to. Read the scriptures, contemplate the purposes of God and then vote!

Register to vote!

Click here to access Missouri's Elections and Voting web pages. Here you can register to vote, check your registration, and find other information including how to vote, where to vote, what to bring, and more. If you've moved counties, you must register again in your new county.

Deadlines to Request a Mail-In Ballot:

  • For the November 3 General Election, the last day to request is October 21 (must be received by this date)
  • Mail in ballots must be received by the close of polls on election day
  • USPS is recommending that you send your completed ballot back by October 21 to be sure it is received by the election board in time

Application for Mail-In and Absentee Voting

COVID-19 is affecting countless areas, including voting access. Fear of the virus may keep many voters from wanting to vote in person. It is also reducing the number of poll workers available, resulting in fewer polling places. Given these concerns, Missourians may vote by mail for the August and November elections. Those over 65 and with certain pre-existing conditions may note those conditions on their ballots and simply sign and mail them in. Those under 65 and without the specified conditions must have their mail-in ballots notarized prior to sending them in.

Mail-in ballots for November 3 must be requested by October 21 and received by the election board by the end of polling on election day. In order to ensure that you receive and can return your ballot on a timely basis, the Advocacy Team urges you to request your ballot well before the deadline if you plan to vote by mail. USPS across St. Louis County can take 3-10 days each way! Click below to download the appropriate form

Satellite Offices for Absentee Ballots
While mail-in ballots must be mailed in, absentee ballots may either be mailed or dropped of at the St. Louis County Election Board at Northwest Plaza or any of the St. Louis County Election Board satellite locations. Click here for a list of satellite location sites.

Voting Guide Available

In order to assist voters, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the League of Women Voters of Metro St. Louis have prepared this Voters Guide which links to the St. Louis Post Dispatch website. If you simply want to read about Missouri judges, you may click this link.

Ballot Notarization Services at WGPC

Sundays, September 27, October 4, 11, 18 and 25, 12:00-3:00pm
Mail-in ballots must be notarized and WGPC will once again provide free ballot notarization services outside the Hale Entrance. Wear your mask and bring your completed ballot, envelope and identification.

Notaries Needed for Upcoming Elections

In response to concerns about COVID-19, Governor Parson has signed new vote-by-mail provisions for the August and November elections into law. However, these provisions require that all voters with the exception of those considered "at risk" must have their mail-in ballots notarized in person. Voters considered "at risk" include adults over the age of 65, immunocompromised, or with certain chronic or respiratory illnesses.

Should COVID-19 continue at current levels - or return with increased force in the fall - this means that voters under the age of 65, and without the pre-existing conditions specified by law, must risk their health to vote in person or find and visit a notary to have their mail-in ballots considered valid.

We need to identify current notaries and register additional notaries in order to make safe voting accessible to all Missourians. Several issues on the August and November ballots are especially important to the very communities that will find access to notaries most difficult.

If you are a notary - or are willing to register and train to become a notary - email Janice Seele or Julie Burchett. We will be working with other groups in order to make notaries accessible to those voters that need them.

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.