Thank you from Nurses for Newborns

The shower for our Pastor Hannah and Adam Zyla in anticipation of the birth of their baby girl, not only provided a beautiful stroller for the family to use but help for families with expectant parents or new babies through Nurses for Newborns. The organization works to ensure infants have a healthy beginning.

After the stroller was purchased, funds left from the congregation’s donation enabled the church to contribute $500 in honor of baby Zyla.

Nurses for Newborns recently sent its thanks in a letter.

“This is all thanks to you and people like you. We rely on all of our donors and volunteers so much, which is why your donation is so appreciated. Not only does your support help us allow highly skilled nurses to visit local babies in their own homes, it helps us teach safe parenting skills, provides resources for their caregivers and so much more. Your gift has an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of infants and their families in Missouri,”  the letter said.

Thanks to all our members for their generosity toward the Zylas, their new baby and babies in need.


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