St. Louis Internship Program needs volunteers for students’ final reviews

If you have two hours to spare in late July, you can help our community and impact student’s lives in a positive way.  The St. Louis Internship Program (SLIP), one of our partners through the Dorothy Meyer grant program, is seeking people to serve on ZOOM review panels for final student project presentations during the week of July 20th. If you are interested, please follow this link to complete our virtual volunteer registration form and be sure to identify your affiliation as WGPC:  Please submit your registration by Monday, June 30, 2020.  

At least ten people from WGPC recently participated in mock interviews for SLIP.  The program helps high school students from the St. Louis City schools prepare for the workforce and further education. WGPC participants had the following things to say about the experience:

  • “I was also tremendously impressed by these kids, their poise and their ambition. Shanise (executive director) noted that they hadn’t really had much time to prepare, but I thought they were wonderful,” Julie Wood said.
  • “I found my students eager, prepared, polished and delightful!  It was a great way to spend an afternoon,” said Deb Grossman.
  • “I am so glad we decided to support SLIP… I am so looking forward to hearing the final reports from these students in July.” Diane McCullough said.
  • “Each of the students I “interviewed” was well-prepared, serious, and of course a little nervous,” said Harriet Hall. “The virtual nature of this training for them was certainly unusual but they and the staff at SLIP handled it well.  They were genuine, responsive, and so impressive.  Some of the accomplishments of these students blew me away!  I was also really thrilled to learn more about the staff and program at SLIP.  I’m so happy that WGPC supports this program and that I’ve had a chance to participate in a small way.”

According to the SLIP website, “the St. Louis Internship Program’s goal is to provide hope and opportunity for high school students in financial need through paid summer internships, intensive employability training, and year-round college and career planning, in partnership with businesses and community organizations and to build the St. Louis community by developing motivated, well-trained, and talented future employees. Since 1992, 98% of 4,000 SLIP interns have successfully acquired employability skills, graduated high school, and pursued their career goals.”

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