Pastor’s Post

Grace and peace to you all!

It was very strange to be in the sanctuary yesterday morning without you all.  More than anything, that is what drove home for me how different things are right now.  And yet we still worshiped!–though we know that, due to our learning curve, you all worshiped with us this morning instead of yesterday.  Yet we, the Church, still worshiped! 

And we will still worship.  No matter how different life looks for each of us right now, we continue to lift our thanks and praise to God.  We are still the body of Christ, many members in many places and still one in the Spirit. In fact, the challenges of this time have shown me again and again just how strong our ties are, not only as a congregation, but as a community and society.  I have “seen” and visited with more friends this past week than I think I have in the past several months (and that’s not just because I had a baby). I have come to Bible study and Sunday morning Adult Education with a different spirit, one that is more grateful for the chance to be in conversation with my siblings in Christ, and I have felt a similar gratitude from you.  We often lament how disconnected we all are from one another as a society and world. Perhaps this time is an opportunity for us all to realize just how much we need one another, and to recommit to reaching out and finding comfort, joy, and blessing in each other.

We are working on providing opportunities to reach out to one another here at church!  

  1. Starting this week, we invite you to take a break on Wednesday mornings and visit with the pastor and your church friends.  Any time between 10 and 11am on Wednesdays, click on this link and hop on to hang out, connect, and take a break.
  2. Beginning next week, join us for a lunch time Bible Study 101 on Tuesdays at 12pm.  We’ll begin with a look at the Holy Week stories. No experience necessary! Click here to join the Zoom meeting.
  3. Adult Education continues on Sunday mornings!  Join us via Zoom at 11:30am with this link.  We are currently exploring who we are and who God calls us to be, both as a church and as individuals.
  4. Disciple Bible Study meets every Thursday morning from 10-11:30am, and no virus is stopping us!  You can join us on Zoom here.  We’re covering Acts 1-4 this week.

Keep checking the blog for other resources, reflections, and updates.

Peace be with you all!

Pastor Hannah

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.