Pastor’s Post

Dear friends in Christ,

Session met last night via a conference call and this is where things are as of today:

There will be no public worship services at church through the end of March.  We are monitoring the pandemic as we go along and hope we can get back to public services in April.  In the meantime, we are going to try and prerecord Sunday worship services and post them on the website on Sunday morning.  Go to the website on Sunday at 10:30 am (or later in the day) to see the worship service.

All church activities are cancelled until April 14.  We are working on getting a video/audio conferencing system to conduct meetings via the web.  This will allow us to conduct session, deacon and trustees meetings and keep things on track from a church business perspective.  We will also use this system for some of our small groups to check-in with each other and not feel so isolated.

Church staff still in place.  Some of our staff will continue to operate from the church building.  Others will work from home.  The pastor’s will do a little of both but are just a phone call away if you need something.  Please check your directory or your church app for phone numbers or send an email.

Holy Week Changes.

  1.  The Maundy Thursday service at the church is cancelled.  If we have our video/audio conferencing system by then, we will work on a Maundy Thursday service you can attend via your computer.  Stay tuned on that one, but if all goes as planned, you will be able to participate from your kitchen!
  2. Good Friday services are cancelled.  Music was planned as the primary proclamation of the word.  This requires extensive preparation by Shawn, our choir and musicians.  We are unable to adequately prepare with the current health restrictions, so regretfully we had to cancel.

Care and Counseling and AA-These are considered essential services to our community. If those entities choose, they will continue to operate out of the church building in order to provide the necessary care their participants need.

That was last night.

Today, on my way to the cemetery from the church funeral conducted this morning, it rained-hard.  This time of year when we get a lot of rain and it seems the rainy season goes on forever.  Dealing with Covid-19 seems like forever too.  Neither is true however.  The dreary chilling rain always comes before the sunny warm Spring.  The rainy season ends and so will this time of hunkering down.  If you look outside, you will see buds on the trees, grass beginning to green up, flowers on the daffodils.  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring; the earliest first day of Spring in more than 100 years.  We are on our way!

God never leaves us at the tomb.  Resurrection comes but not until we get through Lent.  This Sunday is already the fourth Sunday in Lent.  We are on our way!

Remember we are all here for one another.  Everyday brings us closer to new life in the risen Christ.  Keep the faith because we are on our way!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Ed

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.