New Collection for Urban Sprouts

Ladies put together learning toys with hoops and ribbons.

WGPC members are getting in step with our mission outreach and embracing our new partners.

On Sunday, Jan. 12, Founding Executive Director of Urban Sprouts Child Development Center Ellicia Lanier and Operations Director Andrea Barragan joined us during the education hour, where members took hoops and ribbon, sticks and caps and made crafty toys to share with pre-school children at the early childhood center.

Those toys and the grant that will fund scholarships for children to attend the school, made possible by Dorothy Meyer’s generous gift are only the beginning of a productive relationship with the center, said Deborah Grossman.

“As part of our developing relationship with them, we will be collecting some items that they call “loose parts” which they use to make learning toys for the children,” she wrote. “The Mission Committee and Environmental Stewardship Committee have worked together to secure a bookcase which is now set up in Fellowship Hall. Thank you, Laurie Goodfellow.”

Deb said she will be bringing some baskets to hold the collections of items and members are asked to gather the following items to help little ones learn and play.

Some members had as much fun with these shakers as the kids will.

Washers and bolts         Thimbles

Napkin rings                  Wood scraps

Wood frames                 Embroidery rings

Buttons                          Thread and ribbon spools

Bracelets                       Cabinet and drawer knobs


“The Center is a joyful, encouraging and diverse educational community located in North University City,” Deb wrote. “As evidenced by the 300 families on the wait list, many people are in need of high quality, dependable childcare to enable them to enter the workforce.”


Urban Sprouts Founder and Executive Director Ellicia Lanier with Julie Wood and Kristy Anderson

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