Confirmation:  The beginning of a lifelong faith journey

Confirmation is intended for (but not limited to) 8th-grade youth in their spring semester.

WGPC has reimagined what the confirmation experience should be.  We have moved away from the old model of “traditional learning and memorization” to a relational model based on intergenerational learning, wondering, creation, and conversation.

2019 Confirmation Class with Mentors
2019 Confirmation Class with Mentors

Confirmation Youth are paired with an adult mentor and high school age leader (Agape Leader) to form a micro group that meets twice a month with another micro group to form a small group.  These unique small groups meet twice a month for conversation and faithful discovery on scripture and topics relevant to the lives of an 8th grader.  The hope is to help the confirmation youth become more comfortable asking faithful questions, seeking God in the world, and wondering about the parts of life that don’t make any sense; equally to introduce them to trusted and loving adults and older peers.   The other two weeks of the month the entire confirmation class meets together to have a fellowship and large group experience that will offer a reflection on and preparation for their Small Group gatherings, and build relationships within their class.

Confirmation is the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith and we are excited to walk with the confirmation class along that path.

For more info on Confirmation, contact Pastor Ed.


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