Agape: Divine, Unconditional, Self-sacrificing,
and Thoughtful Love

Agape's Mission:


We are a faith community built on love, acceptance and respect that will leave you with forever friends and a better understanding of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit through learning, mission and service.

Agape will not meet in person while schools are not in session due to COVID-19. 

Agape is the fellowship group for high school youth (grade 9-12) and meets on most Sundays from 7-9pm in the youth lounge.

Agape is a special two hours during our week were we get to press the pause button and focus on what is most important as we prepare for the week ahead.  It is a time to encounter and learn about Christ and all the amazing and hopeful ways God plays a part our everyday lives.  We have A LOT OF FUN but also take time to tackle tough topics like mental health, school struggles, sex, suicide, discrimination, and violence.

Throughout the year we not only gather to experience God for ourselves but we also like to go out into the world and being Christ’s light to others and have other shine God’s light on us.  We take an annual retreat in the fall, hold fundraisers to support great missions around the country, and take our annual Mission Trip in the summer.

Words can’t do justice for what Agape is and can be for you. We hope that you will join us and find out for yourself.  Agape is a place for every high school youth, offering a safe and embracing space to be yourself and discover how God is working in your life, right now! We hope that your faith and life will grow from being at Agape, and we know Agape will grow because of you!

For more info on Agape, check us out on Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram or email Summer Kohring, Interim Youth Director.

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.