Who We Are and Who God Calls Us to Be

We Are a living church, full of energy, courage, and strong leadership, committed to caring for each other through the ministry of our lay leaders, volunteers, and staff.

God Calls Us to Be a church willing to take risks with creative evangelism, and a church that gets people off the sidelines and into the action, where every person of every age has a place and is known by name.


We Are warm and welcoming to friends and strangers through the ministry of worship and music.

God Call Us to Be a place where we embrace the fullness of God’s diversity, welcome all, and care for members across all ages, situations, and conditions.


We Are dedicated to compassionate mission and service through the ministries of mission outreach and environmental stewardship.

God Calls Us to Be an involved presence in our community, with faithful action and attention focused beyond ourselves, seeking always to educate ourselves on what we don’t know.


We Are thinking, discerning and curious through the ministry of faith formation.

God Calls Us to Be a home of scholarly, intellectual education, with vibrant and engaging speakers, studies, and classes, and also a home of relationship, connection, and spiritual formation.


We Are a church with a distinctive building and location.

God Calls Us to Be stewards of our building, ensuring that our physical place reflects our identity and mission, and that our building is an extension of our faith.


We Are a church committed to financial stability.

God Calls Us to Be stewards of our resources and finances, both now and in the future.

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.