Meyer funds put to work on building improvements

There will be a lot of moving and shaking going on at the church through the summer while improvements are made to the building.

The Property Committee has approved several projects to provide maintenance and improvements for the church. Most will be paid for with funds from the Meyer donation. During the discernment process, $170,000 was set aside to address safety needs and prepare for longer-term building updates.

Coming improvements include new lighting, extensive waterproofing, paint and computer upgrades for some staff, Business Administrator Jan Scheurer said.

In addition to those projects funded by the Meyer donation, new flooring at the Hale entrance, regular elevator maintenance and the creation of an outdoor seating area in the grassy area between the two buildings near the Hale entrance are planned.

Lighting Improvements

Benson Electric is working on the new lighting in the building.

Lighting improvements are underway and some are completed already. These include automatic lighting in the restrooms and many of the common areas. The light switches are replaced and motion detectors added so that the lights come on when someone enters the room and turn off by themselves with a timer when no one is present. Some of these lights also will be upgraded to LED fixtures.

A few of the lights in the common areas will remain on at all times, but they also will be upgraded to LED fixtures to conserve energy.

The new lighting improvements are expected to cost about $10,000.

New Fire Panel

Fire officials say that the existing fire panel for the building needs to be upgraded, so a new one will be installed. In order to conserve on the cost, the installers will attempt to reuse some existing equipment. The expense is estimated at $34,000.


Waterproofing, by far, will be the most costly of the coming expenditures.

“The exterior of the building is old and needs repair,” Scheurer said.

The interior of the church is damaged in several places because of water leaking in the building. Most notably, walls in the nursery and in the choir room are bubbling and damaged.

In order to keep the inside dry, extensive work including tuckpointing is planned on the outside of the church building.

“We most urgently need repairs to the parapet caps and the external masonry where there are internal leaks,” Scheurer said.

Separate estimates came in for phases of the work, but “the entire bid for everything except the bell tower came in at almost $125,000,” she said.

The Property Committee is investigating funding sources for exterior work that will eventually have to be done on the bell tower.

New tile will extend to the ECC classrooms, and the ECC office will get new flooring.

New Flooring

New textured slate-like tile will be laid in the Hale Entrance. The new dark gray flooring will be put down in the hallway from the entrance to the stairs and continue to ECC classrooms on the right and on the left to the elevator.

The installer plans to start on July 2 and the project may take until July 10 to be completed because the tile needs to be cut, laid and cured.

During the installation, the Hale Entrance will be closed s at times. The installers have said they will try to keep the disruption to a minimum. Because the Hale Entrance is the most frequently used entrance to the church, administrators and custodial staff are planning to make the rest of the building more accessible either through the sanctuary entrances or the Moody entrance, Scheurer said.

The cost of the new flooring is expected to be just over $9,000.

This space will be improved and provide an outdoor space for seating.

Outdoor Seating

The grassy area between the church and the Gable building will soon be improved and get some use. Plans are to beautify the space and make it a seating area. Flagstones that once lined the east side of the parking lot will be used to create a garden atmosphere and the outdoor seating will be added.

Elevator maintenance, computer upgrades and paint

The elevator has passed inspection but is in need of regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

In addition, five new computers with operating systems and the necessary licenses will be purchased for staff members. Scheurer said that the Windows 7 operating system is becoming obsolete, and the new computers will have Windows 10. In addition, the church system’s firewall will be updated. The cost is estimated at $6,500.

New paint is planned for several rooms in the building – some right away, others after waterproofing has been completed.





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