Float trip brought women together on the river

The day was cool but the sun was shining on June 13 when 10 ladies packed their lunches and gear into kayaks and began a 10-mile float down the Huzzah and Meramec rivers.

“We had women from 17 years old to 70,” said Betsy Wacker, organizer of the trip.

The women came with diverse experience in river excursions from floating newbies to old hands on the river, she said.

Women can accomplish great things when they come together as a group, Betsy said.

“There is something about the power of women when men aren’t around,” she said.

She said the annual Women’s Float Trip began about six or seven years ago.

“Being on a river is one of my favorite things,” she said. “And I think I just asked ‘What do you think, about a women’s float trip?’”

The floats were scheduled on the Current River in the past, a particular favorite of the Betsy’s, but this year, the group floated the Huzzah and Meramec for the first time.

“It’s closer, and it’s not quite as long a day,” she said.

Perhaps the river was a little slower this time as well.

“This is the only Women’s Float Trip where no one flipped,” she said.

Betsy said it was a successful trip, and someone summed it up well when they said the day was filled with “friendship, fellowship, and fun.”

Two years ago, the church began an All Church Float that is scheduled this year for Sept. 21. This time the float will be on the Gasconade River, a first for the church, and will include a campout for those who want to stay the weekend.

For those who want to stay reservations must be made at the Gasconade River & Gasconade Hills Resort. The phone number is 573-765-3044. The resort is located at 28425 Spring Road, in Richland, MO 65556.

If you are interested in going, also call Kathryn Duckworth at 404-668-9880 or contact her by email to let her know you and/or your family plan to attend.

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