ECC marks school year’s end with a grand parade


On May 5, about 20 vehicles filled with ECC kids and their parents circled the parking lot to say hello to their teachers, pick up their belongings and celebrate the official end of the school year.

All eight teachers that work for the ECC came out with signs to let children know they are missed, but most of all it was a happy reunion. Teacher Shannon Drilingis was even having a beach party, with a beach blanket, an umbrella, beach ball and sunglasses, and there were lots of smiles to go around from everyone.

Robin Cannon, ECC director, said despite the COVID-19 circumstances that closed the school, the parade made the occasion a happy one.

“All the schools were doing parades and that’s what I felt we needed,” she said.

In addition to belongings left at the school building when it closed March 12, children found their artwork, some Weekly Readers and some craft projects for the summer in their take-home bags.

Children in the junior kindergarten class wore their graduation caps, took pictures with their parents and had a special sand bucket of treats and toys to take home. Seven students, in all, graduated from the junior kindergarten class.

When it was all said and done, everyone was glad to see each other and had a good time, Robin said.

“It was really good. They liked it. It was all so positive,” she said. “It was nice to see families. That was special too.”


Click on the photos below to see some caring teachers and happy kids on a larger scale.



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