ECC keeps kids growing mind, body and heart

Art and physical education aren’t left behind at the Early Childhood Center at Webster Groves Presbyterian Church. Children have the opportunity to enjoy both activities. Feb. 21, however, was an exceptional day with students in the junior kindergarten class enjoying relay races in physical education and participating in the creation of the congregational art project all in one morning.
In P.E. they played Clean Sweep, a relay race using brooms, “dust balls” and dustpans to learn coordination, sharing, taking turns, cheering on their teammates and their first hockey moves.
Vicki Redler Chervitz is the teacher and owner of All Star Sports, a company that has been providing physical education classes for our pre-school students for at least five years, director Robin Cannon said.
“I was looking for a gym teacher. I wanted someone who could offer something different and special. Then she reached out to me,” Robin said.
Vicki comes once a week. Her philosophy is simple.
“I’m trying to instill that being fit is fun, so that when these kids grow up, they will take care of themselves,” she said.
After gym class, students made their way up to the Art Room on the second floor where they took turns painting the white silk that will hang in the sanctuary during Lent. Music director Shawn Portell showed the children the areas to paint and had them watch as the fabric soaked up and spread the deep purple color. Then he had each of them sprinkle the freshly painted areas with salt to see the effects it created on the fabric.

The children in their red smocks were fascinated with the process and said they had a good time.

Robin may have been the most pleased.

“It was an extra special day at the ECC,” she said.


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