COVID-19 Update 3-14-20

Dear Friends in Christ,
You are probably aware that St. Louis County Executive Sam Page declared a State of Emergency in St. Louis County on Friday.  Churches are not included in this declaration.  However, our presbytery leadership has asked the Presbyterian churches within the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy to cancel worship this Sunday, March 15th.  In addition, they have asked that churches close for one week.
In cooperation with the presbytery, our church will comply with this request .
1.  There will be no church worship service this Sunday, March 15.
2.  The church will be closed until March 21.  This means there are no activities or meetings this week at the church.  They are all cancelled.
The one exception is that our session will meet on Tuesday evening to discuss next steps and to make plans should it become prudent to remain closed.
While I am hopeful our church will be worshiping the following week, we will monitor the recommendations of health officials as we plan.   We will use email and our website to communicate the information you will need regarding our church life together.
We want to do our part to help our community stay healthy while at the same time remain the body of Christ to one another.  “Do not be afraid” is a common refrain found in our scriptures. It is rooted in God’s promise to be with us.  We know this to be true, especially in times of uncertainty like now.
We can be the presence of Christ for one another.  So, this week, take time to check in on each other. Make plans to see one another.  If you need pastoral care, please don’t hesitate to call a pastor, deacon, elder or Stephen Minister.  I can be reached at 314-809-6336 at any time.  Watch for more information to arrive in your inbox.
In the meantime:
1.  Go about your daily business and comply with the recommendations of health officials.
2. Take in enough news to stay informed and then shut it off.  Separate the hyperbole from the facts.
3.  Remember, this is Lent.  With so many activities taking a break, we are getting a gift of extra time for prayer and contemplation. Enjoy it!
4.  Get in touch with some folks you have been meaning to call.
5.  Send your pledge in by mail.  (You didn’t really think I would leave that out, did you?!)
6.  Notice God’s blessings in your life and remember…
“Do not fear. for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God…”. -Isaiah 41:10
Peace be with you!
Pastor Ed

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.