WGPC Afghan Family Partnership

"You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God."
2 Corinthians 9:11

Our Partnership

In January 2022 Webster Groves Presbyterian church began a partnership with a family from Afghanistan who recently arrived in St. Louis. Our goal is to support this family through our gifts of time, organization, finances and prayer as they grow to be independent citizens. Our core team includes Sue Davis, Noreen Mayfield and Sue Scott and as they get to know the family better we will be able to determine how we, as a Church, can best support this family. This support will look different as time goes on but we hope to maintain a long and fulfilling relationship with the family.

Birthday celebration at a Core Team Member's home
Birthday celebration at a Core Team Member's home

The Family

The father worked for the US Military for 19 years and has found a job in a factory here. He and his wife have eight children, three girls and five boys, the oldest is 12 and youngest are infant twins.

They left Afghanistan with nothing and it has been a long journey to St. Louis. The International Institute has placed them in a house in the city.

The family is very grateful and have been so hospitable, especially given how little they have.

Core Team Work

Sue Davis, Noreen Mayfield and Sue Scott have been working hard to settle this family into St. Louis. Some of their work, along with other WGPC volunteers includes:

  • Transportation
  • Doctor and dentist appointments
  • Acquiring furniture
  • Setting up the home
  • Purchasing shoes and clothing
  • Enrolling the older children in school
  • Arranging English tutors
  • Setting up banking accounts
  • Setting up WIC benefits
  • Celebrating children's birthdays
  • Babysitting when needed
  • Fun outings to help the family learn to love and appreciate St. Louis

Ways You Can Help Support this Family


From time to time we're looking for donations of clothing, toys and children's supplies. When items are needed, a Sign-Up Genius link will be posted here.


Are you able to help transport large donated items or do small home repairs? If so, please contact Janice Seele at 714-642-3376

Financial Support

If you would like to help support this family with a financial donation you may send a check to the church with "Immigrant and Refugee Fund" in the memo, or give online and select "Special Gift" from the dropdown and write "Immigrant and Refugee Fund" in the memo. Food security is a priority at this time. As grocery prices continue to increase, food stamps are not keeping pace nor do they cover so many things.

Donations of BP Gas Cards are also very much appreciated especially as gas prices rise. Please drop off any BP Gas Cards in Beth Kazlauskas's mailbox in the main level office at the church.

Prayer Partners

Your prayers for this family and for our volunteers are greatly appreciated. We believe that this family is a great match for our church due to its size but they are also a blessing to us with their willingness to try things that are new and challenging.


We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.