Webster Groves Presbyterian Church
Current and Proposed Bylaws

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As we continue to live into the newness God calls us to, it is time to update the bylaws. Click to see our current bylaws from 2003 and the proposed updated bylaws.

Like all other Presbyterian (PCUSA) congregations, our "government" at WGPC is based upon the Presbyterian Book of Order and our church bylaws. Individual congregations develop their own bylaws, subject to the Book of Order, which guide their work together. For a few years now, members of Session, Deacons, and Commissions along with pastors and staff have been gathering helpful changes to update our bylaws. Our current bylaws have not been amended since 2003, so we found some of our bylaws lacked clarity while others were outdated.

I am grateful to have worked with our Clerk of Session, Harriet Hall, to present these proposed updates to our bylaws for the congregation's approval. The changes being proposed are based on a review of the current Book of Order (there have been many versions since 2003), consultation with our presbytery's Stated Clerk and input from current and former Elders, Trustees, and Deacons. I'm confident these updates will provide us clear guidance about our governance without overly constraining us in unnecessary ways.

We will be voting on these bylaws at our Annual Meeting on January 26, 2020. For review purposes, each section of the bylaws includes a summary sheet that describes the changes being proposed. If you have any questions about these proposed changes, please feel free to contact me or Harriet prior to the annual meeting.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Ed


We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.