The Rev. Hannah Zyla

Associate Pastor Ext. 3210

The Reverend Hannah Zyla serves as Associate Pastor and Director of Children’s Ministries. A lifelong Californian until her move to the Midwest, Hannah comes from a long line of Presbyterian pastors. She was raised by clergy parents on the grounds of San Francisco Theological Seminary in northern California, where seminary professors and hippies lived side by side and debated matters of faith and Presbyterianism at her childhood dinner table. Because of the environment in which she grew up, she went on to study Religion at Occidental College in Los Angeles before continuing on to divinity school.

Hannah received her Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Occidental College in May 2010. She received her Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School in May 2014.

Since her ordination in 2014, Pastor Zyla has served as Associate Pastor for Family Ministry at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL. While there she also served as co-founder of Children of Abraham, an interfaith children’s fellowship group with an emphasis on mutual respect and understanding, relationship-building and community service.

Besides her faith, Hannah has a passion for dance. She began ballet in kindergarten and hasn’t stopped dancing since, happily diving into any and all dance opportunities, including such diverse endeavors as hula and Haitian dance. She has most recently taken up aerial arts as both dance and prayer practice and can be found in the air at Bumbershoot Aerial Arts most Saturdays.

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.