2022 Annual Report

Rooted in Grace Love Abounds

Dear Friends in Christ,

As you can see in this annual report we had a vibrant year as we glimpsed the beauty of what God is creating at WGPC. The pictures reveal the delight of our engagement in the work of Jesus Christ. These are not stock photos from the Internet; they are disciples at work! Take them in; for in the midst of a broken world, they remind us that God’s faithfulness brings grace, hope, and joy.

In 2022, we were reshaped by the Holy Spirit. The congregational survey about our future and mission was completed in late spring and then analyzed by the Session and the Mission Study Team. We set our course to do the following:

  • formed the associate pastor nominating committee to search for an associate pastor
  • hired Michelle Lepak as our new Director of Welcome and Involvement
  • welcomed Matt Miller as our Student Pastor
  • identified architects to propose renovations for the chapel
  • completed the asset mapping event and design charette with Partners for Sacred Places to determine the best utilization of the empty space in the education building
  • converted the library to the Mission Hub
  • renovated the old office space to create the Gathering Spot

Jesus Christ is at work at WGPC! We give thanks for the gift of energy and enthusiasm inspired by the dedication of so many disciples who follow him—all of which leads to the joy pictured on these pages!

Peace and blessings!
Pastor Ed

We seek to live Christ's love, welcome all people and joyfully serve God.